Ever find yourself sitting at a bar, sporting event, a concert, or any other public venue and wanting to communicate with others at the same location? With the WannaChat App now you can!

Simply use the WannaChat App to “Check-In” to you current location. Now you can communicate with others via message who have “Checked-In” to the same spot.

This will revolutionize how we approach meeting people. WannaChat takes the fear out of communicating with people we don't know at venues we are unfamiliar with." - Socialtrainers.com

WannaChat Features:

  • Create a brief profile. Provide age, gender, what looking for, and upload a photograph
  • Check-In to your current spot and see other profiles of individuals at same location
  • Send a private message to another user at same place
  • Create a group chat and send a message to everyone at the same venue
  • Search nearby locations to see how many people are checked-in

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